Tasker Android 5.8.3

Tasker is an application that makes the most of the fact that Android is a fully customizable operating system to automate different tasks on our smartphone or tablet. Just like with IFTTT, thanks to this APK, we can schedule different actions depending on certain contexts.

Expand your control over all your phone’s functions.

The possibilities are almost endless. With more than 200 actions built into the application, and the chance to use plug-ins, you can schedule events to happen at certain times of the day, under certain conditions or when you open a particular application.

Examples of tasks automated with Tasker

  • Open a music app when a microSD card is inserted.
  • Mute your phone after 8 p.m.
  • Increase the screen’s brightness in the morning.
  • Enable the text-to-speech function when an SMS is received.
  • Change the wallpaper every day.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications.

Tasker is designed to provide a range of actions on an Android smart device that depend on the context, such as location of the user or the time of day.

The Contextualised Task-Based App

Offered with a seven day free trial period to get used to its large number of functions, Tasker is an app that automates many of the things we do on our smart devices. It runs in a way that takes into account your habits and the changing ways you might use other apps. For example, it will lower the screen brightness at night time and offer a prolonged screen time when you are using your device for reading. When it is first used in the morning, the software can open up your device with a favourite app, such as the local traffic report or weather. You can use it to make a regular backup of a file on an SD card without having to think about it. Furthermore, it will show a pop-up alert when a text arrives from a family member, but not from business contacts depending on your preference. It’ll even send you birthday reminders amongst many other virtual personal assistant type of tasks.

Get Tasker to Help

Overall, Tasker is designed to offer nothing more than assistance for things you could do for yourself quite easily. Therefore, it will appeal to forgetful people or those who have an interest in the possibilities of algorithmic automation.

Tasker is a powerful tool for Android. It lets you automate settings, actions, and other aspects of your smartphone without needing to root it. It is a very good phone automation app but many people have complained of it being too complicated. It is very useful for people who are using old smartphones without the latest Android updates.

Turn on Silent mode by placing side screen down

You can quickly turn your phone to silent by placing the screen side down without the need toggle the menu and then turning on silent mode.

  1. Open Tasker, go to the Profiles tab, and click the Plus symbol to add a new profile.
  2. Select State, tap on Sensor, and then choose Orientation.
  3. Under Orientation, tap Face Down. Then click on the < icon at the upper-left of the screen to go back to the Profiles tab.

Next, you need to set up the task that will happen when your phone is placed face down.

  1. Under New Task, tap on the Plus symbol and give it a name.
  2. In Task Edit mode, click the Plus symbol to enter the Audio action category.
  3. Choose Vibrate as the Audio Action, and Vibrate for the Mode.
  4. Tap the < symbol to return to the Profile tab.

Check that your new Face Down profile is turned on. Now your phone will go into silent (vibrate only) mode whenever you place it face down on any surface.

Reduce Screen Brightness at Night

You can program the Tasker app to automatically reduce the screen brightness when its night time and you don’t get screen glare while using your smartphone. Here’s how you set up screen brightness automation. First, create the profile for your “night mode:”

Start Tasker, go to the Profiles tab and hit the Plus symbol to add a new profile. Then select Time and set a time-frame when you’d like to automatically reduce screen brightness.

Next, set up the task to reduce screen brightness late at night:

  1. Under New Task, tap on the Plus symbol and name the task.
  2. In Task Edit mode, select the Plus symbol, choose Display, and then tap Display Brightness.
  3. Set the brightness level (0 is the lowest setting).

After setting the profile with the timer Tasker will automatically reduce your screen brightness during the time period you’ve set.

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