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it is more costly to win a new customer than holding a loyal customer. Besides performing a profound literature review in both fields of interest, the application of agent-based modelling to a simplified service process might offer additional insights for this thesis. The objectives of this thesis are to review risks associated to global supply chain in face of disruptions caused by natural calamities.g. From a customers perspective the decision for an early or late product launch is diverse: In case of an early launch the customer can benefit from the product or service earlier, but must expect minor quality, more errors or other problems. Choice-based Revenue Management: Theory and methods Revenue Management (RM) as a discipline has its roots soaked in the Airline Industry. A simple application example might illustrate the differences of the approaches and make them more transparent. Those that are least affected by planned obsolescence If applicable: Derive different business strategies of different companies for the same product (or product category) Discuss whether the adopted strategies of planned obsolescence are beneficial based on triple bottom line analysis. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11080.

Nevertheless, only by analyzing service design decisions integratively new holistic approaches can be derived. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg (Progress in. . Thus, two questions arise, which are the focus of this thesis: (1) which kind of business models/ value propositions focus mostly on reliability? With the information obtained it is possible to create more passenger oriented timetables. The objective of the thesis is to provide a review on the topic of planned obsolescence from the marketing and operations management perspective. The objectives of this thesis are to introduce and compare the specifications of TPM, to present different model specifications available the literature, to discuss the applicability of TPM in crew scheduling, and to provide open research gaps and future trends. After disruptions it can be possible to reschedule plans of action.

The goal is to develop a blueprint for RM in small companies. The objectives of this thesis are to review the design and estimation of discrete choice models for RM comment theoretically on, how to control demand via product availability over a finite period of time while accounting for customers choice behavior. Number of sold tickets beyond the available fixed capacity). Such a policy goes hand-in-hand with several side effects, in particular high impact on the environment in terms of resource use as well as waste disposal. Auerdem soll ein berblick diverser Methoden, die zur Entscheidungsfindung in den einzelnen Kategorien dienen, erstellt werden. What are the origins and in which specified areas can this new research stream be subdivided? In Operations Research terminology, this problem can be rephrased as estimating average response time for spatially distributed networks of demand nodes serviced by mobile servers.

Since nearly all decisions sales planning decisions, marketing decisions, production planning decisions, procurement decisions, HR planning decisions, etc. (2018 Analyzing business process anomalies using autoencoders. Task of the thesis is to compare the different current approaches in the Airline Crew Scheduling Problem and to provide current research gaps as well as trends in research. And Johnson, Lester. Dsor-Beitrge zur Wirtschaftsinformatik, 5, 73-88. Generally, BPM is defined as structured, comprehensive, and cross-functional approach for the development, ongoing management, analysis, and continuous improvement of business processes. Also, the existing location models with congested immobile facilities focus on the expected waiting time and pays less attention towards other performance measures percentage of blocked or delayed customers. The objective of this thesis is to review the academic literature on assortment planning, to overview the approaches to assortment planning used by several retailers and to suggest directions for future research. Dies betrifft sowohl die Flge als auch Flugzeuge, Crews und Passagiere.

The profit-driven, Franchise Distribution Systems (FDS benefit in terms of increasing sales; primarily by adding superior locations to their service network. Airlines, hotels) the Yield or rask are popular KPIs. What is the future of MSD and how can it be further improved? Key questions might be: What are the strengths and weaknesses of this technique? Journal of Management 41(5. Aim of the bachelor thesis should be to, introduce and compare crew scheduling models from railways and airlines, to discuss a specific railway crew scheduling model in detail, to create an academical example (optional to provide open research gaps and future trends. In: Golden,.L., Assad,.A. A prominent example is software development especially in gaming, which encountered a shift in recent years. Bersicht: Eine Prozessbersicht mit allen relevanten Informationen zur Masterarbeit knnen Sie hier herunterladen.

Delivery services (food, grocery, online purchased goods etc. Aufbauend auf diesem vollstndigen Wissen wird dann die optimale (oder approximative) Lsung berechnet. Microscopic dispatching analysis for railways Railways are often confronted with delay problems. Attribut-basierte Nutzenmodellierung im Dienstleistungsbereich Ein elementares Mittel, um Gter oder Dienstleistungen attraktiv fr den Kunden zu gestalten und das entsprechende Absatzpotenzial zu entfalten, ist die Maximierung des Nutzens aus Kundensicht. Hotel, ticket office analysis of necessary data for RM models and interviews with owners of such companies. Wissenschaftler verschiedener Disziplinen haben sich dem Thema angenommen und beantworten Fragestellungen, die sich meist auf ihr jeweiliges Forschungsgebiet fokussieren. This combination leads to congestion. Companies can alter the sequence of their service events in order to influence the retrospective global evaluation of their service experience. The goal of this thesis is thus to examine the income-happiness relationship from different perspectives. What tools have been integrated into MSD and would there have been other alternatives to achieve the respective goals?

The sars epidemic and mers-CoV are other examples of contagious disease spread globally. Master-Kolloquium (OPM 782) erwartet. Revenue Management for Ski Resorts During the last years, ski resorts started to use revenue management techniques. Every event can be assessed either in real time or retrospectively, reflecting the actual experienced utility and the way it is summarized afterwards, respectively. Topic B03: Neural Networks in BPM Application and Performance The idea of Business Process Management (BPM) became popular in the 1980s. This thesis should give an introduction to Six Sigma with focus on dmaic. A short insight into the new papers should be delivered. Concluding from the main findings, a plan for future research in this field should be developed. What is the economic rationale for planned obsolescence? Zu Korrekturzwecken kann die Erstgutachterin oder der Erstgutachter die Abgabe einer Papierversion der Arbeit vereinbaren.

Industry.0 and the Circular Economy for Sustainable Operations What is the circular economy (CE) and how can Industry.0 and Digitization help to manage in line with CE principles and make operations more sustainable? Planungsprobleme von Eisenbahnunternehmen mit verschiedenen Zeithorizonten Das Betreiben eines Eisenbahnunternehmens erfordert komplexe Planungsentscheidungen hinsichtlich Liniennetz, Fahrplan, Zgen, etc. The servers could be categorized as mobile servers and immobile servers. More and more companies sell products on a beta test level and thus prepone the software launch and simultaneously the time they receive first cash inflows. As these KPIs are also very interesting for financial investors/stockholders, companies started to publish them in their annual reports. Petri nets as a tool for service process design? An underlying assumption of the models is the possible decomposition of the product or service in attributes with different levels, where each attribute level is connected to a particular partial utility. This bachelor thesis only focuses on immobile servers,.e., the servers are fixed and customers have to visit the facility to use the services offered by the server.

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